Wednesday, July 5, 2017

India : A Day In Erode

Our day started pretty early despite of the exhaustion from yesterday journey. We had kind of buffet breakfast (we can order several things but there is a limit) in our hotel. The weather was looking good and very promising. So I guessed we can do many stuffs and go to many places around Erode today.

The breakfast

Hustle or get hustled

Pato trying to cross the road in front of our hotel

First thing first, of course we went for a shopping spree. The fact we were in India, we should find cheapest saree and kurta. And my sisters requested at least 3 pairs each for them to make "baju kurung". We tried to find around our hotel first but we can't seem to find a good deal on saree and kurta. But we kept on walking and searching. During this time, we were separated into 3 groups because there was a lot of shops to go through and everybody got no time to for anybody. Actually I wasn't into shopping much when I'm travelling. Same goes to Napek and Pato I guess because later on we decided to stray away from others looking for random things and shooting for random photos and videos while we were exploring around the area by ourselves.

Street view

I do admit we look like a local 

Bashir showing some photos he took to the locals

Napek and I blending in with them locals

We were like childs I swear. Laughed all the way, ignoring glances from the locals and running around while recording everything. We even made a tutorial video on how to cross a busy road in India like a boss. While exploring, we found a coconut hut where you can buy and drink coconut juice while chilling beside the busy road of Erode. Oh it was the best feeling ever when the coconut drink flowing down in my throat after hours of walking under hot scorching sun. While drinking, some of our friends passed by and joined us for some refreshment also. After that we regrouped to go other places. We find "tuktuk" and tried to negotiate the prices and to bring us tour to interesting places around Erode. We found 2 "tuktuk" for 8 of us with a fair price.

Whats new today

Just chilling

The first place we went was a mosque. If I'm not mistaken, that was the only mosque in Erode. Muslim population is not so many over there. The mosque actually kinda hidden among other houses building. Hard to find it unless there is a local to show you the way. We stopped for a while and took some photos before we proceeded to our second destination, Erode Government Museum. The entrance fee was INR5 and we need to pay for another INR20 for cameras. The museum wasn't much fun because I'm not into museum. But it was my friends who made it better. You know how they say it "the worst possible scenario could be the best one if you are in the right company". We enjoyed every bit of it. Just in front of the museum there is a temple that charges you INR5 for entrance fee and INR50 for camera. We went for it because from the outside the temple does look interesting. We walked around and spend about 40mins taking picture and tried to read every scriptures on the wall. There was also a circus beside the temple. On the banner it says something like "only human will be performing because we are against animal cruelty"

In front of the museum

Inside the mosque

Somebody explaining and somebody trying to understand

Inside the temple area

Got surprised by Mr Dino here

A metaphor

The crew

We lingered around the area for a while and found ourselves in front of sugar cane stall. Seems interesting although quite dirty for even street food standard. The seller was a middle-aged woman with her daughter. She mixed up the drinks with lemon. I was quite surprised at first, we all were. But actually it tasted nice if you put aside the dirty part. I guess all the street food and drink stalls in India are like that. I'm not being a stereotype but that is what you could expect from a street stalls worldwide mostly. I remember from this one episode of Bizarre Foods (or other foods related tv show) the tv host specifically said there is nothing wrong to tried all the street foods in India but only drink from bottled water or canned water if you are not a local. It could be dangerous he said. Our stomach just not built for it, even my Malaysian friends that used to study in India they all cook and drink only from bottled mineral water. Luckily nothing happened to us afterwards, only 3 of us got diarrhea. But hey, it just made our stomachs stronger lol.

The forbidden drink

Later that day we continued to walk and found a tuktuk driver that suggested us to go to Pentaloons mall. He said they sell cheap clothes and good quality too. So we went there and guess what, he spoke the truth. I bought 5 pair of kurtas for myself. On the way back the four of us got separated and I was glad we got separated because we later found the best briyani stalls ever in India. It is a small stall on the side of small road. We smelled it first then we caught a glance of deep fried chicken. The smell and colour of the chicken tempted us to go inside and ask about the price. The seller then showed us briyani rice inside in a big pot. We then knew it was gonna be the best lunch of our trip even it was only day two haha. So we had a chicken briyani each with add on deep fried chicken. After we filled up our tummy we headed straight back to hotel to get prepared for the wedding ceremony. And not to forget, we told the awesomeness of the chicken briyani that we had to our friends just to get them jealous haha. And there goes our day 2 in India.

The deep fried chicken that made us stop

The best chicken briyani ever

In the middle of Erode

Just a random uncle

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