Sunday, July 9, 2017

India : The Traditional Wedding

I've witnessed a lot of wedding ceremony, Kavin's was exceptional. So cheerful, non stop traditional music, a lot of good foods (all veggies because they all vegetarian), vibrant colors, and a lot of other things that I don't know how to put it into words. So beautiful and extravagant.

                                                 this is when we arrived at the hall on the first night

 group photos all wearing Indian traditional clothes

 one with the beautiful couple

Basically, it was a 2 days event. The first event started with Kirtana going to temple to pray. Then Kavin's mother went to the temple to take Kirtana to wedding hall. Once arrived in the hall, the bride and groom are seated together on the floor covered with mat. Before that several guys marched to the temple, took some water from the temple and gave it to Kavin to drink it. So many things happened around the area of the wedding hall and the temple, I think I missed some of details. Oh the guys marched accompanying by music from the drums and flute. I was kind of a unique music. The one that you hear when someone playing flute in front of the snake to tame it, but this with sound of the drums. So loud.
Once they are seated, several old ladies came and sit with them. Around 10 people. Later, they mixed some kind of foods with addition of milk, flour, rice and some other things that I couldn't identify. They mixed it using their bare hands. What happens next was so unexpected. The old ladies grabbed the mixture of the foods with their palms and forced Kavin and Kirtana to eat it. Like really forced it into their mouth. They looked reluctant but they accepted it to be pushed down their throat lol. And they were laughing too, the old ladies and so were we.

                                                                  the "forced eat" ritual

After the "forced eat" ceremony was done, we thought that was it. We thought wrong. After they finished the brids and groom, they went straight at us, the foreigners from not so far away land. Actually it was not their custom to force eat us with that food mixtures, but they wanted us to experience their culture and have a more understanding on their culture. We tried to run but later we gave up. The thing actually tasted quite nice until we found several strands of hair inside it. Only after that, all the guests were invited to eat. Buffet style but at every foods station there were people standing there to help you withe foods. It was all vegetarian.

 around the ceremony

 just enjoying our food

 the best "roti maker" in town

the end product

To my surprise, I never thought veggies would taste so good until I ate at the Kavin's wedding ceremony. There was a lot of foods and you can eat as much as you can. We filled up our stomach and chill with the other guests. It was nice, they were all so kind towards us. After most of the guests went back, the ceremony continued with close relatives. We were there also because we were like special guests. They really honoured us by letting us stay in the hall for the whole night until the next morning. This time Kavin was seating on a chair with his uncle beside him. I can't remember his uncle name but he is the big brother of Kavin's late father. And now Kavin's uncle is the head of family and that is why he was the one seated with Kavin on that night. Other relatives met Kavin and his uncle, and exchanges some words, one by one. It was like they agreeing and blessing the unity Kavin and Kirtana. Later that night we were told by Kavin that he wasn't actually married yet. The marriage will take place on the next day. Then we all went to sleep.

chilling with the other guests

 Kavin with his uncle

they took turns.while 2 of them playing, another 2 sleeping

Some of the relatives just slept on the floor. We went upstairs and set up our hammock. At 4am the musicians started playing the drums and flute non-stop until 10am.

What interesting here was Pato decided to sleep in a hotel nearby. Maybe he wasn't feeling too comfortable sleeping in a hall. So in the morning we called him on his cell around 7am and told him to get ready because the real wedding ceremony about to get started. He said he was just taken shower and about to go out. The hotel was about 10mins walk from the hall. Suspected nothing, we continued to have fun in the ceremony and enjoyed every foods offered. So the ceremony went on with beautiful music and decorations, the guests came with all sorts of beautiful and colorful clothes. I really admired the cultures and they were so nice to us. Treated us like one of them.

After a while, we realized Pato still not arrived yet and it was almost 11. We tried to call and text but we got no answer from him. We were worried sick and told about this to Kavin's uncle.They discussed among themselves for like 5mins and suddenly it was like Tamil action movie. Kavin's uncle snapped his finger and instructed all the youngsters to go look for Pato. They were all with bikes. I followed one of the bikes. We separated into several groups. The rider and I was looking for like 15mins around Erode town and tiny little alley until the rider got a call from somebody and we immediately returned to the hall. I didn't understand a bit what he was talking to me. When I arrived at the hall, Kavin's uncle told us to relax and calm down because he said Pato was found. He didn't tell the details but he said Pato is coming and the other group of guys that helped will bring Pato to the wedding hall. And finally he arrived with smiling face. We were puzzled because we thought something bad happened to him but why he was smiling. Later on he explained to us right after he picked up our phone call he felt a bit sleepy and decided to take a short nap that turned out to be a long nap instead lol. So everything was good but he missed the important part of the ceremony where Kavin and Kirtana circle the fire together as they embarked on a new journey as husband and wife. We continued on eating for hours until our stomachs can't take it anymore. We filled up our stomach pretty good because we got a long journey ahead. It was a tough journey but we made it. It wasn't easy to get to Munnar from Erode without any proper planning but it was a joyful ride!

 "baju melayu" & "baju kurung" FTW

pato was found safe and sound lol

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